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shutterstock_123739609       Can Solar Save you $$?

Got Questions about Solar? Weatherization? Saving Energy? 

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Top 5 Energy Savings Tips before considering the expense of Solar*

 1.  Install LED light bulbs.  LED light bulbs can save up to 80% from standard incandescent bulbs.

Real Life Example:  El Carnal property, 11 CFL light bulbs on one circuit drew 220 watts of power, Ruiter Construction changed them to 11 LED light bulbs, the draw was now 124 watts.  A 43% savings from CFL’s.

 2.  Install New Energy Star Appliances.  Energy Star Appliances can save close to 30% than non-Energy Star Appliances.

 3.  Install New Insulation.  New Insulation can save 10-20%.  Call Ruiter Construction for an evaluation and an estimate today.

 4.  Air Sealing & Duct Sealing.  Sealing your home and ducts can save 30-40% on your energy bill.  Call Ruiter Construction for an evaluation and an estimate today.

Real Life Example:  Carey property, had 1300CFM shell air leakage & 445CFM duct leakage. Ruiter Construction sealed the shell of the building and the ducts.  The new shell leakage is 250 CFM and the duct leakage is 0CFM.  An improvement of 80% & 100% respectively.

5.  Install High Efficiency HVAC.  New HVAC units can save up to 15-25%.  Call Ruiter Construction for an evaluation and an estimate today!

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 *Savings based on Ruiter Construction experiences of evaluating homes before and after energy saving repairs.

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