To: Whom It May Concern
Subj.: A Letter of Recommendation
This letter is to recommend the construction work of Mr. Charles Ruiter, of Ruiter Construction in Las Vegas. We have employed Mr. Ruiter for construction work since 1980. He has completed many home improvements and repairs for us during this time. Some of the projects were small but beyond our knowledge, such as turning back on a circuit breaker. Other projects required extended skills, requiring design, obtaining building permits, and purchasing of materials.

During all of these years, Mr. Ruiter has worked to complete all of our projects with the utmost professionalism and outstanding goodwill. He and his crew have never failed to do fine work paying attention to small details, such as leaving a clean work site. This means a great deal to the homeowner. One project remains in our minds forever. This memory was of a project the year we decided to have tile flooring installed after the Christmas tree was up. No matter what he may have been thinking, he and his crew very patiently moved the Christmas tree around and working very late into the night, got the job done quickly. This may not have been the most technical project he has ever done
for us, but demonstrates his skills and ethics while working under unusual and trying circumstances.

We strongly recommend Mr. Ruiter because of his skills and knowledge. However, the strongest recommendation we can give for him is for his honesty, Ethics, and care that he gives to each job. He has never failed to treat us with respect and has always completed his work well. If there was ever a problem, he responded and “fixed” it without additional cost in a timely manner.

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